Our Vision

To transform society by availing opportunities to the underprivileged.

Our Mission

KNEF is a catalyst for the transformation of society by supporting gifted students from underprivileged homes in the attainment of quality education, deliberate mentorship and leadership development through the sustenance of mutually collaborative partnerships.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Excellence in service
  • Leadership
  • Community

About Us

We have been busy the last eight years availing opportunities to the underprivileged.

Our Story

The Kinyua Ngeera Education Foundation (KNEF) is a not-for-profit organization, duly registered in Kenya. It was founded in early 2009 in memory of the late Kinyua Ngeera who greatly valued education; he not only spoke of the importance of a good education but also led in action by voluntarily sponsoring several students’ education. He also sat on the Board of Governors of several schools where he influenced change in governance with the aim of making education more accessible to the underprivileged. KNEF was formed to carry on with this work.

The Foundation supports gifted students from financially underprivileged homes in the attainment of quality high school education by availing scholarships based on merit at select National and County level schools in Kenya. Through a deliberate leadership development and mentorship program, the foundation also helps its beneficiaries develop their personal and public leadership capacities so as to grow a generation of servant leaders who build and serve the communities around them.

Since inception, the foundation has sponsored nineteen students (past and present) in four Kenyan National schools and three County level schools.

We invite you to partner with us in this mission.

Haba na Haba

The Swahili people have a saying, “Haba na haba, hujaza kibaba”, which translated to English means that if we come together and contribute, little by little we will achieve our goal. KNEF believes in the power of community participation in achieving this goal of educating gifted students from underprivileged homes. Please consider making your contribution either as a one-time gift (such as a company’s CSR) or through regular contributions, of any amount, large or small through MPESA on the account below:

Paybill no: 504899

A/c: Haba-na-Haba

Our Event

You can partner with us by supporting this Concert!

When: Sunday 12th of May | Where: CITAM Parklands
Time: 3-6pm. | Advanced Ticket: Kshs 800, Gate Ticket: KShs 1000

Our Beneficiaries

Scroll and see the amazing individuals we are privileged to support and mentor.


Sheila is a student at Precious Blood Girls High School Riruta. In spite of her petite frame, Sheila’s personality captures you on meeting her. She has a quiet strength about her. Sheila is the sec…
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Abigael is a student at Precious Blood Girls High School Riruta. She is the second born in a family of three. Her mother is a single parent, having been widowed twice. Each year, she has taken part in…
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Paul is a student at Mang’u High School He is the last born of 3 siblings, all in the care of a single mother who also cares for her late brother’s three children. He has maintained his schola…
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Derrick is a student at Alliance High School. The first thing that you notice about Derrick is his smile. He is a warm, charming and you grow to like him right from the start. His confidence and eloqu…
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Samwel is a student at Alliance High School. In spite of his small frame, Samwel’s warm personality captures you the first time you meet him. Samwel is the first born and only boy of four siblings. …
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Peres is a student at Precious Blood Girls High School Riruta. Perez is the last born and only girl of four siblings. Both their parents are deceased and as an orphan she lives with her Aunt in Nairob…
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Miltone is a student at Mang’u High School. He is the last born of eight children. His father is long deceased and his mother is too old now to work. Because of this, he has learnt how to fend f…
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Vivian is a student at Precious Blood Girls High School Riruta. She is the first born of three children and lives with her mother. She has a great love for music and enjoys singing and composing songs…
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Muhumed is a student at Alliance High School. Muhumed is the fifth born of six children. In following with their customs, his sisters have never been to school and are both married. Muhumed is the onl…
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Adopt a Student


Areas of Engagement

KNEF focuses on the following areas:

Our aim is to sponsor as many new students as possible to high school every year subject to availability of funds. KNEF offers full academic scholarship, by merit, to gifted students from financially underprivileged homes at select National and County level schools in Kenya.

Student sponsorship is made possible by collaborative partnerships with individuals, groups of peoples, businesses and other organizations through the Adopt-A-Child and the Haba-na-Haba Initiatives. Further information on these is outlined below.

Partner With Us

The Young Leaders’ Club is specially designed to develop transformational leadership skills in young students. The primary target consumers of this program are the sponsorship beneficiaries of the Foundation though the club is also open to other students who may not be part of the foundation’s sponsorship program but may be interested in gaining the proffered skills and knowledge.

The program targets students in their second and third year of high school and takes them through ten well developed modules, including a brief period of apprenticeship and practical leadership, a time of community service and much more. Critical life skills like self-awareness and identity, socializing and networking, resource management, and team leadership form part of the curriculum which is taught by seasoned facilitators in a highly interactive format.

Active mentorships forms an important part of the program and is geared towards guiding the students to develop a command in their individual character and leadership roles.

Partnership Opportunities

We have some amazing opportunities for you to partner with us!

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